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Helping Fund the Fight to Make Crowdfund Investing LEGAL

Changing the Security Laws isn't easy and it sure isn't cheap. Everything that you see here costs us money. If you support our cause, if you wish to see it legal for entrepreneurs to go to their friends, family and community to crowdfund money, then help us fight the cause with a small donation. You have no idea how much every dollar helps us achieve this goal!
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Latest donations:
  • 2013/04/12 5:22 PM Shaan Sharma donated $ 10.00
  • 2013/02/07 1:27 AM Daniel Cavallaro donated $ 25.00
  • 2012/12/14 4:20 AM James Wheeler donated $ 25.00
  • 2012/08/28 12:59 PM Daryl Bryant donated $ 100.00
  • 2012/08/14 9:55 PM Brett Nichols donated $ 10.00


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